The Curiosophy Collective is a multi-faceted organisation of passionate professionals who make a life out of curiosity.

The impact of questioning power, dialogue and sensitivity on the way people make fundamental choices, has been fascinating founder Suzanne Leclaire-Noteborn for ages. After a career as a CEO and board member in a variety of organisations, she starts her own business in 2012 as executive coach and consultant. To empower executives and organisations in their own growth and development. Throughout the years the principles she works from – critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue – prove to be most effective for the development of her clients.

In 2019 she decides to found The Curiosophy Collective on these principles to be able to meet the increasing need for guidance of people and organizations in how to deal with the complex issues of our time. That same year she meets Ariane van Heijningen. It is “curiosity at first sight.” Ariane has been incorporating her love for practical philosophy as a manager, director, coach and consultant for decades. They find out that they share a mission and a complementary set of skills. Together they found Curiosophy Academy, as part of The Curiosophy Collective.

The backbone of our collective is formed by a top team of professionals, who facilitate our mission to grow: Heike Brusius, Marian Koek, Marit Oosterwijk and Folkert Rinkema. You will meet our carefully selected Academy Masters, Coaches and Consultants ones you decided to follow your curiosity and get in touch with us. Welcome to The Curiosophy Collective!



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Academy Masters

Our Academy Masters come form various backgrounds and fields of expertise.They all are national or international authorities in one of the three pillars of Curiosophy: critical thinking, smart sensitivity or dialogue. They are highly educated professionals with a wealth of experience in the fields of (socratic) leadership, practical philosophy, (cultural) sciences, coaching, strategic development, strategic consulting, applied arts and experience design. As we believe in the reinforcing dynamics of different perspectives, our Academy is developed in co-operation with Masters from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines. In september they will take place on the chairs below. Stay tuned!

Coaches and Consultants


Our (executive) coaches and consultants combine a curiosophic mindset with a long history of practice to help you examine your fundamental questions in an innovative and sustainable way. They are inspired and experienced professionals, experienced in guiding transitions and change on a personal and organizational scale. The executive coaches we work with have been in an executive rol for a long time themselves and know the tricks of the trade. They have chosen to facilitate other leaders by facilitating them to grow by the power of questioning, sensitivity and dialogical leadership.

Want to join us?

Are you an independent (executive) coach and consultants? And does your mission overlap ours? Sounds like we might be a match. We like to expand our network, but are critical too. We only work with (executive) coaches with specific expertise in the fields of critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue. This is the only way to live our philosophy and do justice to our quality and the clients we serve. For further details on joining our Collective, please contact us. Do you want to become curiosophied as a coach or consultant? Look at our Academy for more info about the Development Program for Coaches and Consultants.


Council of Critical Questions

We are founding a diverse council of curious, wise men and women from various backgrounds, to help us reflect on our development by asking us the right questions in the righ moment. Stay tuned.