The unique proposition of Curiosophy Academy

“Doubting means searching for certainty. Not-knowing means consciously leaving certainty.”

Elke Wiss – Master Curiosophy Academy en author ‘Socrates op Sneakers’, number 1 of Top 100 Management book 2020

Ones you know that wonder is the beginning of wisdom, Curiosophy Academy is the place for you. Here doors will open to a safe space in which your curiosity becomes constructive and your wisdom will grow.

The Curiosophy Academy is a challenging place where you learn to use your curiosity effectively for essential issues in life and work. Our national and international experts in the field of critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue use their wisdom

and experience for you in a series of impactful programs, masterclasses and inspirationals. We work experience-oriented from a solid theoretical basis. The Curiosophy Academy is thinking ánd doing at the highest level.

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“A unique Socratic approach will help you rethink and find better questions.”

Anthony Howard – Master Curiosophy Academy, CEO Socratic Leader Academy, author Humanise a.k.a. the ‘CEO Whisperer’ (U.S.A.)

Personal Development Programs

In our impactful programs, you’ll reach the next level in your personal growth. Our program are developed for three different target groups: executives, coaches/ consultants and creatives. We believe that bringing together people from a large diversity, is of great value in any learning process. That is why we work with Academy Masters from all sorts of backgrounds and expertise fields. We also believe working in a similar role or profession in diverse sectors enhances the peer-to-peer process of growth and developments. We therefore developed programs for specific target groups. You will not only learn from our authoritative masters, but also gain relationships for life.

Within seven months you will master the three Curiosophy pillars; critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue. Participants develop within these intensive programs at the level of basic attitude, conditions and methods. Between the modules you strengthen your personal leadership under the individual guidance of our Masters and (executive) coaches. These masters and coaches have specific knowledge and experience in guiding executives, supervisors or creative professionals. Exploring the match between you and the Curiosophy basic attitude is part of the entering process to the Academy. Curious?

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“I explored a lot about my personal beliefs, preconceptions and that THOUGHT is a process, we all should pay more attention to.”

Reinhard Lanner – CDO ANTO, lecturer


Would you like to get to know the heart of our working method in one afternoon, a day or two? Give your curiosity a chance and explore what the world of Curiosophy has to offer. We offer insights and tools that will help you to stay connected to yourself and others with curiosity as a basis.

In our masterclasses you will be introduced to Curiosophy and the three central pillars in a short but impactful way. In each Masterclass, one of our renowned Masters offers a peek into the kitchen of important aspects within our three pillars of critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue. They inspire you with their wisdom and experience and work with case studies from your practice as a leader, coaches | consultant or creative.

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“Because only thinking is not enough”

Peter Rombouts – Master Curiosophy Academy, founder Dance Dialogue, triple world champion Argentinian tango

Online Sessions

Would you like to have a dialogue with curious minds and top leaders at your kitchen table?

In addition to our masterclasses and programs, we invite national and international authorities in our Online Sessions every month. We create a chain of bold questions with top leaders in the Netherlands and create unique evenings at the digital bar of questioning ability.

In these Online Sessions, the thinking of curious minds and leaders from all kinds of sectors is exposed and challenged. In these lively online encounters, we will explore the edges of knowing to gain new perspectives on fundamental issues. These Online Sessions challenge you to take a critical look at your own thinking and to fully utilize your questioning ability. For more information, check our agenda.