Curiosophy Coaching helps you and your team to gain new perspectives on fundamental questions.

“A unique Socratic approach will help you rethink and find better questions.”

Anthony Howard – Curiosophy Executive Coach, CEO Socratic Leader Academy, auteur Humanise a.k.a. the ‘CEO Whisperer’ (U.S.A.)

You understand that fundamental growth does not come from a lineair way of working towards short term solutions. You look for durable answers to important matters. Our coaches will be your critical friend during a period of time to help you reflect and grow. We work with our clients to new perspectives beyond beliefs and assumptions. Dialogue, critical thinking and smart sensitivity are key in our approach. After we found the question behind the question, your discovery starts.

Who we are

Our coaches all have a demonstrated history as independent (executive) coaches. We have outstanding qualities in critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue. Together we have a wide range of questioning methods, dialogue techniques and creative interventions at our disposal. For personal guidance on executive level, we mediate consultants with a profound track record as critical friends for leaders throughout industries.

What we do

We work from a humanistic approach in which the curiosity of our clients is our source. Every process starts with a deep dive into the question that needs an answer. We ask your permission to enter a safe space of temporarily not-knowing. The length of our curiosophic journey depends on the question, the starting point and the context. During this process you will find new perspectives to your question and experience a sustainable change in mindset.

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