Curiosophy Consulting unlocks the potential of your organisation to find new collective perspective.

“I explored a lot about my personal beliefs, preconceptions and that THOUGHT is a process, we all should pay more attention to.”

Reinhard Lanner – CDO ANTO, lecturer

Is your organisation facing a major strategic challenge? Do you strive for a shared vision with your clients and stakeholders? Our consultants are here to help your (executive) team, organisation and stakeholders in gathering new constructive insights to the strategical questions. We design dialogical processes in which all participants will be challenged to use their full potential. Every advisory traject is a customise journey.

Who we are

Our consultants are independent professionals with a demonstrated history in guiding complex processes in the public and private sector. Together we represent a large diversity of specific expertise fields. We work from a humanistic approach and distinguish ourselves by our outstanding qualities in critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue. For executive guidance we mediate consultants with a profound track record on executive level.

How we work

Every process starts with a deep dive into the question that needs an answer. We ask your permission to turn your organisation into a safe space of temporarily not-knowing. Together we create a cooperation of critical friends between your people and ours. Our consultant then designs a dialogical ‘curiosophic’ process to ‘work through’ your question. Our work is done when all your key players embrace the new perspective and know how to effectuate it.

Creative interventions

During the process, we create effective interventions that will fuel your questioning power, sensitivity and creativity in relation to the question. We often bring in our co-creatives along the way. These are creative professionals, who have the specific to bring in an interactive experience in which the relevant matter will be sensed instead of reasoned. Inspiration and collective growth on your central theme always is the result at the end.

Do you need help in your organisation with a fundamental question? Contact us!

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