The taste of Curiosophy

The past few months have shown us yet again that not-knowing is an inescapable part of our life. The world is not as pliable as many of us would like and reality cannot be controlled by calculations. Sounds rather negative, doesn’t it? We would like to invite you to look at this from a different perspective. The moment we dare to go beyond certainty, new perspectives can arise which, in turn, can have a huge effect on the greatest challenges of our time. New possibilities manifest in our thinking and doing. This is exactly what The Curiosophy Collective is about.


Do you recognize the energy that arises when different perspectives lead to a collective direction? The release you feel when you say goodbye to obstructive thoughts? The sigh of relief when you (finally) get to the core of your burning issue? These are all Curiosophic experiences: experiences of attunement, which comes to life when you are willing to look beyond the certainty of knowing.


Simple, not easy

We all know these moments of connection have a major impact on us. A maze of options and arguments “suddenly” turns into a clear path. It may be a foreign and new path and it might be hard to follow, but it’s one you “know” you want to explore.

These experiences of optimal attunement seem so simple but aren’t always easy to create. The ‘easy’ part is embracing whatever comes your way. The hard part is connecting to complex or challenging situations on that road. Something that is counter-intuitive due to our (unfortunate) reflex reaction of closing ourselves off when things get daring. Being attuned to yourself, others, and the world around you requires vulnerability and courage. Vulnerability, to realize that control isn’t useful anymore. And courage, to continue and still step into the ‘zone of the unknown’ despite the challenges.


Adult curiosity

The most important tool to enable true connectivity is curiosity. For example, young children are naturally curious because it is a necessary characteristic to function well in a new world in which they still have a lot to learn. They fully investigate themselves and their environment.


“The most important tool to enable true connectivity is curiosity. When embracing curiosity you enter that open, exploring mindset, in which attunement with yourself, others, and the world around you arises.”


Isn’t it remarkable that we as adults all know what the cold metal of a bridge railing tastes like? It is not because we physically experience that railing on a daily basis. But as a child, we all once tasted a version of this bridge railing in our own way. And learned from that experience that it is better to bite into chocolate than to lick steel.

It goes without saying that we are not here to regress back into young versions of ourselves. After all, in our lives, we have gained knowledge, experience, and wisdom of great value. However, when a situation is new or complex, we run the risk of reverting back to what we already know – which often isn’t compatible with the new experience. This causes the knowledge to fall short. Or as Einstein put it, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

We have a great impact when we, as adults or adult organizations, stay attuned to our complex and changing world. By combining our knowledge and personal leadership with our curiosity, we come to the realization that our not-knowing is more extensive than what we know for sure.


“Daring to go beyond the certainty of ‘knowing for sure’ leads to new perspectives on major issues of our time. New possibilities manifest in our thinking and doing. This is exactly what The Curiosophy Collective is about.”



Curiosophy is a daily practice

The realization that our not-knowing is more extensive than what we know for sure, is part of the foundation of Curiosophy as a philosophy. Curiosophy is the practice of curiosity in work and life. Our core approach takes shape in three different pillars; critical thinking, smart sensitivity, and dialogue. Each of them fuels curiosity in their own way.


A collective to make even more impact

For more than twenty years, the founding partners of The Curiosophy Collective, Suzanne Leclaire and Ariane van Heijningen, have shared their love for critical thinking, dialogue, and smart sensitivity in their own unique ways. They know from their experience as coaches, consultants, and leaders, how much influence a well-formulated question, fundamental dialogue or sensitive intervention can have on the choices people make. Curiosophy as a basic belief is not new to them. However, combining their knowledge, network, and skills with that of a group of highly experienced experts, in one beautiful collective, is. 

By founding The Curiosophy Collective, they created the possibility to offer (many) more people the opportunity to experience the impact of our approach. We offer various different services; enabling us to work with our clients on a personal, organizational, and social level. We are looking forward to helping improve your personal leadership in our Academy, finding a new perspective on your personal questions with our coaches, gaining a collective perspective on a fundamental question in your organization with our consultants, and contributing to social issues with other impactful members of our Society.


Care to be invited?

The Curiosophy Collective, July 2020


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