‘We contribute to new perspective. Each of us in our own way. The power of our collective is caused by the way we combine our differences.’

Suzanne Leclaire-Noteborn, founder


Our team takes care of the practical realization of the meetings. Suzanne Leclaire started The Curiosophy Collective in 2020. In response to the complex questions, that strongly increased when Covid-19 hit us. She decided to share her vision and approach on how to navigate through complex questions accessible for everyone. With a small and very enthusiastic coordinating team, we take care of the programs and needs of our clients. The Curiosophists (see below) are the ones you will meet ones stepping into the field of a Curiosophy experience or programme.

Suzanne Leclaire – Noteborn

Founder | CEO

Daniëlle Hooftman

Organisation | Projects

Folkert Rinkema

Art Director

Esther Botter

administration | planning



Our Curiosophists make our inquisitive programmes stand out from any other because of their expertise and experience in the art of questioning, smart sensitivity and dialogue. They work with a large and diverse repertoire of questioning methods, creative interventions and rituals. All have a solid track record in practical philosophy, executive coaching, professional arts, strategic guidance, experience design and systemic work.

Bernice Feller-Thijm

Floris Verbeij

Ingrid Geerts

Peter Rombouts

Council of Critical Questions

Our Council of Critical Questions assists us with critical questions and unsolicited advice. The councilors come from a variety of sectors and make a difference because of their wisdom, moral standards and questioning way of working.

Raymond Kerkvliet

Ondernemer | Toezichthouder | Business Coach

Andriette Dobbelsteen


Harry Starren

CEO Ithaca International

Hélène van Dort Vletter

Professor of Financial Law & Governance | Chair Intertrust NV | Vice-Chair NN Group NV

Council of Critical Questions


Our Members form the heart of our collective. They are curious minds, coming from different backgrounds. Investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, civil servants, artists, supervisors, everyone participates.

Katja Pahnke

Rohan Uijlings

Karin Leijten

Roland van der Vorst

Meer Members binnenkort zichtbaar


Our partners created the foundation of our collective. They support us with manpower and resources. Their help made us start and grow. And keeps us  accessible to those curious minds who otherwise would not be able to participate. Press the button for more information about what partnership from our collective can add to your organization.

Fest Invest

Hotel Wonderland