¬†‘Curiosophy is contagious. Once you’ve tasted the outcomes of living and leading with curiosity, it becomes an irresistible pursuit. It’s like a permanently charged route planner, showing you the way every day. Without knowing in advance where it will take you. Will you travel with us?’

Suzanne Leclaire-Noteborn, founder


Our Curiosophists lead practice labs, investigative encounters, leadership programs, and transitions. They employ a broad and diverse range of questioning methodologies, creative interventions, and rituals. All have a solid track record in practical philosophy, executive coaching, professional arts, strategic guidance, experience design and systemic work.

Bernice Feller-Thijm

Floris Verbeij

Ingrid Geerts

Peter Rombouts


Our team manages the design, coordination, communication, and practical implementation of our services.

Suzanne Leclaire – Noteborn

Coordination and design

Esther Botter

Administration and planning

Folkert Rinkema

Design and photography

Marit Oosterwijk

Digital all-rounder