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We collaborate with individuals and entities in both the public and private sectors who are genuinely eager to initiate or be in motion. Our process begins with your question of meaning. Contemplate inquiries related to leadership, sustainability, social well-being, subtle conflicts, inclusion, meaningful profitability, and more. Opting for our services signifies embracing an approach that goes deeper than symptom control or quick wins. We actively contribute to the meaningful progress you aspire to achieve within your organization. Explore the testimonials below to learn about our clients’ experiences with this transformative journey.

Kamer van Koophandel | Peter Koudstaal, program manager innovation

“It was the most inventive approach I’ve ever encountered to establish a well-backed vision during the intricate transition process involving the Chamber of Commerce and 20 partner organizations.”

Unilever | Joost Houben, Vice-President Customer Development

 ‘This impactful research taught us that ‘maximum acceleration’ is our pattern. And that slowing down at the right time around the right question is necessary to accelerate.’

Compliance Retail Bank | Fred Wagemakers, Vice President

 ‘Having gained new insights, I never want to go back to the old ‘corporate’ thinking. It’s like a new treasure keeps emerging from previously acquired wisdom from the same people in the same organization.’

Kas bank, Fugro, Achmea, Pon |  Petri Hofsté, supervisor

‘A wonderful program of experiences to generate deep insights on how to give direction to complex tasks.’

AW Groep | Jarno Butter, Leadership team

‘We became connected as a team on a deeper level.’

Millenaar Adviesgroep | Mieke Millenaar, director

‘Every day of the Curiosophy leadership program was a spot on adventure with deep impact in my daily work and life.’

KPMG Switzerland | Pascal Henggi, Director Audit Corporates

 ‘This programme really made my head turn around. We are dealing with current challenges mainly form a technical perspective. But this programme was all about people. And this is not just relevant but it is key. This was a unique experience.’

BEE Finance & Insurance Group | Mark Buytelaar, managing director

“Thanks to the Curiosophy leadership program, I’ve discovered how to forge deeper connections with myself, others, and the significant strategic questions that confront us.”

 Rabobank | Rohan Uijlings, Development Manager Rabo Smartbuilds

‘Thanks to this Leadership Programme, I now have a more inclusive and open mind -and skillset. It taught me how to execute genuine dialogue, which led to new and better business.’

Hycom | Raymond Kerkvliet, Supervisor

“Throughout the Curiosophy leadership program, I experienced and acquired the skill of establishing deeper connections.”

Cultuurzaam | Wytze de Vries, executive director

“In human life, there are various dimensions one can engage with. However, this encounter resonated on a higher frequency, so to speak.”

 Gemeente Haarlemmermeer | Hans Blok, strategic advisor

“This gathering sparked a profound shift among our municipality officials, breathing life into policies that had mostly remained on paper. For me, it marked a moment of liberation as an individual within the system where I operate.”

Gemeente Rotterdam | Elenita Em-Schotborg, jurist

“What a magical evening! It was truly extraordinary to witness the connection that unfolded among people who were strangers just moments before. My understanding of others expanded with each passing minute.”

Dunweg | Alexander van der Pijl, director

“Stepping away from the hustle and bustle, I stumbled upon a tale from the year 1200 that continues to leaves you wonder today. Despite its age, it remains surprisingly relevant—a delightful guiding compass.”

Kunst en Cultuur Drenthe | Marieke Vegt, director

“The Cabinet for Living Research revealed to me that leadership isn’t about forging ahead of the troops but advancing within the midst of the herd.”

AW Groep | Ad Wijnhout, DGA

“For the first time, I recognized that engaging in genuine conversations with individuals from entirely different backgrounds is a true skill. Highly recommended for any company bold enough to address complex or sensitive issues with the target group present.”

KNGU |  Ab Warffemius, board member

“It feels as if we’ve embarked on a journey of discovery, uncovering fresh insights together by sharing our experiences.”

Ministerie van Justitie & Veiligheid | Kam Mai Tan, Inclusion & Diversity program manager

“These meetings exceeded expectations in terms of their impact.”

Wherelant | José van den Hurk, executive director

“I have never been more conscious of the significance of my own curious mindset in influencing the progress of my organization.”

Pop in Limburg |  Paul Moerel, director

“It was a fantastic experience, and I truly commend the way you all managed it. The dialogue sparked numerous new insights.”

UMC | Muriel Kooistra, physical therapist, social cultural scientist

“Throughout the two-day event, I witnessed and felt the influence that an open mind, keen observation, and asking the right questions at the right time can exert on the process of change.”

C. | Paul de Zeeuw, finance manager

‘The two-day workshop has enhanced my self-awareness regarding my tendency to react hastily and focus on solutions. I’ve observed a shift in my approach during conversations—I’m more present, actively listening, and less inclined to immediately offer my opinion or jump to solutions.’

Anoniem |Supervisor

The Mastering Moving Meetings workshop, proved to be both mentally and conceptually flexible. It revealed to me that curiosity is a vital tool in navigating solutions for intricate social issues.

Verdiwel, beroepsvereniging voor directeuren en bestuurders in sociaal werk | Monique Kuik, manager

“I’m still amazed by the events of that night—the conversations, the palpable connection. Honestly, it was incredibly cool.”

Psyflix | Bram van der Boom, psychiatrist

‘Justin, the poet, skillfully encapsulated in words what, for me, embodies the essence of therapy. It resonated with me profoundly.’

KPMG | Wieneke Emans, Senior Advisor Leadership, Culture & inclusion

‘One of the best speakers I have seen in ages. Incredibly engaging and interactive. This story will not leave you.’

BDO Advisory | Bart van Essen, partner

‘An exceptional poet, he presented concepts of growth and future perspective in a poignant manner.’

CELEVT/ Trauma Academie | Martijne Rensen Directeur

We consider it a tremendous success and feel privileged to have collaborated with Peter. The packed room of mental health clinicians erupted in a standing ovation for him!

Rabobank Schiphol regio | Mart Pfeiffer, Chairman Board of Directors

‘Suzanne has a gift. She connects top executives with their own spirituality without getting woolly.’

DGA Verwiel en Wijnaard Groep | Casper Verwiel

‘Andre remains in your mind and heart long after the event is over.’