Curiosophy is the practice of staying curious in life and work

The social, political and economic turbulence in which we find ourselves, has a strong impact on our daily lives and the organizations we work in. We must continuously respond to those changes. But how?

The power to find answers to the complex challenges of our time, starts with the power to wonder. Answers will come ones we turn to the ability to question and truly ask and listen. Curiosity is our natural source.

The Curiosophy Collective offers services to find new perspectives to fundamental questions on a personal, organizational and societal scale. With your curiosity as our starting point.


Empower your personal leadership in life and work with our principals.


Find new perspective on your personal question or burning matter.


Find collective perspective to a fundamental questions of your organisation.


Have a positive impact on fundamental questions of our society with other curious minds.

“Questions open a space in your mind that allow better answers to breathe.”

R. Norton

Our principles

Critical thinking
We often do not truly think, we simply repeat existing thoughts. We will lead you into the art of questioning with our extensive knowledge on thinking skills. We will activate and stimulate the power of your brain, so you will be able to get to the heart of the matter in any situation. This change in thought patterns will help you towards constructive self-examination, broad perspectives and extensive insights.

Smart sensitivity
Too often we forget to address our sensitivity as the most valuable asset in finding direction towards solutions for our burning matters. We have profound experience in consciously addressing the senses to get better understanding. ‘Working’ with the undercurrent and creative interventions are part of our approach. Once honed, sensitivity can become one of the most useful tools in your arsenal.

We are dialogical by nature. The principles of dialogue are deeply rooted in the way we live and work. We are specialists in gathering new collective perspective from a large pool of diverse views. With our wide range of dialogue techniques, we support development on a personal scale or in long-term strategic processes in organisations. Whichever fundamental problem you seek to tackle; dialogue is the way to get there.