The Curiosophy Collective is the platform for inquisitive encounters. For anyone who wants to contribute to collective perspective on fundamental questions of today and tomorrow. One encounter at a time…
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The way we meet matters

An encounter that sets progress in motion does not come about through protocols, automated processes or a linear approach. In order to meet in a meaningful way we need to temporarily create a space free of preconceptions. A space in which we are able to absorb the rapidly changing reality without prejudice. A space where we draw insight from contrast. A space in which we feel at liberty to share our deepest intuitions and sense of knowing. A space which optimally stirs our curiosity, allowing inner wisdom regarding topics that affect us all to rise naturally. We contribute to a new perspective by connecting people through inquisitive encounters. There are three guiding principles central to this process.

The power to question

It is not the answer but the question that leads us somewhere new. Our culture predisposes us to provide answers quickly. The result is that we regurgitate what we already know, rarely taking the time to think deeply. Here, we prefer the uncertain to the familiar, striving to delve into the unknown. As here the potential to bring complex matters to changing practice arises. For this we need thought-provoking questions.

Smart sensitivity

Overemphasis on cognition limits us. We don’t get by with just our heads. We can only adapt to what is needed if we welcome our whole being. We are capable of processing a vast amount of information through our senses, consciously and unconsciously. When we speak of smart sensitivity, we are talking about being aware of our emotions and their meaning in relation to the question at hand.


Dialogue is a way of communicating for new ideas to rise. It is not about presenting an argument or convincing another. In dialogue we communicate experiences and exchange wisdom. Suspension of judgement and distinguishing experience from opinion form the basis for the art of thinking together. Face to face, drawing from the richness of our diversity.

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