Practice Lab


In a Practice Lab, you will delve into the fundamental aspects of cultivating an curious attitude. Each session focus on one of the essential qualities required to impact your internal organization, your interactions, and the overall organization you are a part of, making transformative connections a daily reality. These labs comprise a dynamic blend of experiential learning, cutting-edge knowledge, and practical tools and methods that you can promptly integrate into your professional practice.

S.M.A.R.T Sensitivity


23 October, 2024

Moving through complex situations requires more than just thinking. You’ll find your way faster when you use all your skills. Join Peter Rombouts in this hands-on workshop as he guides you in awakening your sensitivity. Are you eager to enhance your ability to observe and comprehend the dynamics within yourself, your team, and your organization? Take your senses seriously and learn to act from that wellspring of information.

The Power of Polarity


2 December, 2024

Are you looking to cultivate the skills for making collective decisions in the face of differences? Join Frank Weijers as your guide and explore the potency of effective communication and decision-making and learn how to increase the output of meetings.

Mastering Moving Meetings


7 and 21 Februari, 2025

Interested in enhancing the effectiveness of your meetings? This lab will empower you to become a master of meetings. We focus on transforming your meetings based on the ten principles of Curiosophy.

Curious Leadership


10 and 11 April, 2025

‘Not all who wander are lost’.

Those who know how to wander, will lead. Do you want to learn how to create space for better answers to breath? Join the Practicelab Curious Leadership, a unique two day programme to fuel your leadership with Suzanne Leclaire, founder of The Curiosophy Collective.

The Art of Asking Forward


This Practice Lab can be conducted in-Company.

Imagine if you could unleash more meaningful answers and foster stronger connections simply by framing your questions thoughtfully. This workshop is designed to enhance your questioning skills, emphasizing that it’s not the answer, but the question, that serves as our most valuable teacher.

The Art of Listening


This Practice Lab can be conducted in-Company.

Would you like to acquire the skill of listening in a manner that allows the wisdom of others and the collective to surface? Explore this workshop and discover how to listen on multiple levels, inviting the pertinent unsaid to emerge.

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