Do you want to realise real change with your organisation?


You’re in the right place. We specialize in developing unique processes for large-scale transformation. Our pattern-breaking program is designed to guide employees and stakeholders in your organization from individual tasks to a collective perspective, leading to a change in practices. We operate based on our ‘living research’ approach—a proven sequence of various types of meetings where we explore the central question with the entire system in the room. In other words, we engage with the head, heart, and hands, ensuring representation from the relevant parties associated with the assignment. Along the way, we address entrenched patterns and limiting beliefs. The outcome is a well-supported direction and a future-oriented action agenda for all parties involved, with everyone taking responsibility for the task in the big picture. Click the button below for an overview of some of the meetings we’ve organized.

Guiding Change


We guide large-scale change processes with sustainable outcomes. Starting from the questions at hand, we progressively build expanding circles. The result is the recreation of habits, structures, meetings, and services. This leads to a supported movement addressing your urgent strategic challenges.

Strengthening Leadership


In our leadership program, you collaborate with diverse minds to enhance your investigative skills. Through a hybrid offline/online journey, you make strides in complexity, expanding your range of actions to navigate yourself and the collective in dynamic contexts.

Facilitating Meetings


A facilitated gathering is a guided encounter where your team or organization conducts ‘live’ research into a complex issue. The inquiry is designed based on your specific question. Participants contribute unique interventions and forms of dialogue, leading to inspiration, new insights, and mutual connections.

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