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You’ve come to the right place! We develop unique processes for large-scale transformation. Our pattern-breaking program is designed to guide employees and stakeholders in your organization to a collective perspective and change in practices. We operate based on our ‘living inquiry’ approach – a proven sequence of various types of encounters, in which we explore the central question with ‘the whole system in the room’. In other words, engaging head, heart and hands, ensuring representation from the relevant parties associated with the challenge. Along the way, we address fixed patterns and limiting beliefs. The outcome is a shared direction and a future-oriented action agenda for all parties involved, where each of them takes responsibility for the  task in the big picture. Click the button below for an overview of some of the meetings we’ve organized.

Guiding Change


We guide your organization in moving towards collective change. Starting from strategic goals, we first zoom in on the questions that are yet to be answered. These questions form the basis of the circles  we organize, existing of stakeholders within and (if needed) outside of your organization. The result is a collective action perspective, including the re-creation of habits, structures, meetings, and services. This leads to supported movement, from which you can address your urgent strategic challenges.

Strengthening Leadership


In our customized leadership programs, we focus on enhancing the inquiry-based leadership of the board and/or senior management of your organization. In a unique, transdisciplinary program, you’ll experience the thought and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in our assumptions and beliefs – in other words: the roots of our system. You’ll learn to navigate complex issues with ‘the whole system in the room’, and will enrich your range of actions in your daily practice with a new skill set.

Facilitating Meetings


An exploratory meeting is a guided encounter in which your team or organization conducts a ‘living’ inquiry into an issue that is connected with the root cause of undesirable symptoms. From the perspective of the system surrounding said issue, participants will learn about their assumptions, as well as how to move beyond them. The inquiry is designed for your specific challenge, deep desire or complex question. Unique interventions and various forms of dialogue are explored in these meetings.

Practice Labs


Do you want to learn how an inquisitive attitude can strengthen your team? In our Practice Labs, you will work on reorganizing your thought and action patterns for the benefit of the greater challenge in your organization or living environment. We invite you to learn by doing, in a blend of experiential work, collective reflection, and a solid scientific foundation. Each Lab focuses on one or more Curiosophy principles and is facilitated by a Curiosophist well-versed in the relevant skills.

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