Do you want to learn how to navigate your life and work with an inquisitive mindset?


You grasp that wonder is the inception of wisdom. You understand the value of curiosity for your personal development and that of those around you. You aspire to live and lead with even greater meaning in an era where uncertainty is the foremost certainty. What you don’t know is how. Welcome to Curiosophy Academy!

In all our programs, we adhere to the ten principles of Curiosophy and our fundamental model of living inquiry. Recognizing that our boundaries are set by our presuppositions, we guide you in surpassing them. Operating across various disciplines, we address each question through the lens of our shared humanity, exploring the associated possibilities.

In our Academy, we link you with an exceptionally diverse community of professionals. Each individual is a specialist in one or more aspects of inquiry-based living and leadership principles. Collectively, they bring extensive expertise in dialogue, leadership development, practical philosophy, systemic work, applied art, and experience design.

Executive program The Art of Curiosophy

Did you thing next level leadership is out of the question? Question again! In this three-day immersive inquiry, you will bring you leadership to the next level by re-designing new habits within your professional practice. Following the established Curiosophy path of living inquiry, you will learn how to lead by using the power of curiosity and wonder. You will learn to guide from questioning to implementing changes in your practice. The last phase unfolds in your own professional context. Following this journey, you will boost the power to navigate complexity on any scale.

Practice Labs

Are you interested in mastering the application of Curiosophy principles in just one or two days?

In our Practice Labs, you’ll engage in the process of reshaping your thought and action patterns to enhance your contribution to the broader objectives within your organization or environment. We encourage a hands-on learning approach through a blend of experiential work, collective reflection, and a solid scientific foundation. Each lab focus on specific Curiosophy principles and is facilitated by a knowledgeable Curiosophist well-versed in the relevant skills.

Personal Guidance

Are you looking to initiate a transformation in an enduring issue that affects you?

Consider a task, conflict, or situation that has been a source of concern for an extended period. Despite your efforts, genuine transformation seems elusive. You find yourself repeatedly trapped in the same pattern, or the other party remains unresponsive. Our coaches are eager to leverage their expertise and experience to activate your inquiry skills, facilitating a shift beneath the surface of the issue. You take on the role of the navigator in this process.

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