Do you want to learn how to navigate your life and work with an inquisitive mindset?


You understand  that wisdom starts with the act of wondering. You know curiosity is valuable for your own personal development and that of the people around you. You aspire to live and lead with even greater meaning in an era where uncertainty is the greatest certainty. However, what you don’t know is hów to achieve this. Welcome to Curiosophy Academy!

Our Academy consists of executive programs, practical labs, and personal guidance. Take a look now to see what you want to enroll in:

23 oct


S.M.A.R.T Sensitivity

Practice Lab

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2 dec


The Power of Polarity

Practice Lab

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7 & 21

feb 2025

Mastering moving meetings

Practice Lab

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10 & 11

apr 2025

Curious Leadership

Practice Lab

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In each of  our programs, we adhere to the ten principles of Curiosophy and our core model of living inquiry. As human-beings, our limits are rooted in our presuppositions. At The Curiosophy Collective it is our mission to guide you in transcending them. We operate across disciplines, and address each question through the lens of our shared humanity, exploring its associated possibilities.

In our Academy, we link you with an extraordinary, diverse group of professionals. Each of them specializes in one or more principles of inquiry-based living and leadership. Collectively, they bring a wealth of expertise in dialogue, leadership development, practical philosophy, systemic work, applied art, and experience design.

Executive programs

Do you want to enhance the value of your leadership?

And be of significance when it comes to the major questions of our lifetime, in your role as a leader? But are you stuck in the system’s limitations? In three days, we guide you and/or your team to the root of what causes us humans to get stuck in our own thinking and feeling. Because, let’s face it, we are the system. During the program, you will experience what other possibilities exist, using our proven Curiosophy principles. After this journey, you will know which nudges to give yourself and others, as well as how to navigate through complexity.

Practice Labs

Are you interested in mastering the application of Curiosophy principles in just one or two days?

In our Practice Labs, you will engage in the process of reshaping your thought and action patterns to enhance your contribution to the greater challenges within your organization, or personal or broader environment. We encourage a hands-on learning approach through a blend of experiential work, collective reflection, and a solid scientific foundation. Each lab focuses on specific Curiosophy principles and is facilitated by a knowledgeable Curiosophist well-versed in the relevant skills.

Personal Guidance

Do you want to make a movement in a matter that has been keeping you stuck?

Despite your efforts, real change seems elusive. You find yourself repeatedly trapped in the same patterns, or the other party remains unresponsive. Our coaches are keen to leverage their knowledge and experience to awaken your inquiry skills, in order to facilitate a shift beneath the surface of the issue. In this process, you take on the role of the navigator.

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