The Power of Polarity



“Nothing can exist unless its opposite is also true. That’s why polarization is part of our (co)existence. It can drive us apart and be a source of new connections. As for the latter, that’s what I aim for!”


Are you familiar with this?

We say we want diversity, but it’s uniformity we act upon. We feel rather uncomfortable when there are different beliefs or backgrounds in a group. Do you feel like it’s enough when diversity means ‘a comfortable variation on yourself’? Or can and should it go further? Is there a way imaginable to truly welcome another, who is so different from you? To let them discuss and make decisions alongside you?


We can handle being in opposition to each other

Yes, we can! And it’s necessary as well! The biggest limitation of our wisdom is by far our craving for singularity. We need diversity of knowledge and experience to move forward in complex matters. However, by nature, we are programmed to constantly focus on conformity. Convincing others that we are right is what we tend to do. But complex problems require new thinking. Because we cannot solve a problem with the same mind that caused it.

The way to achieve new thinking is to know how to utilize the differences between people. To fully invite the different other. To stretch your own wisdom and break old thought patterns. In this Practice Lab, we’ll spend a day working on the basics of connecting in diversity. Not by pursuing consensus, but by celebrating diversity. In a small group, you’ll work towards embracing differences, up to and including the point of collective decision-making.



Do you want to:

  • Increase the result of meetings, consultations, and discussions?
  • Become aware of biases that hinder your open-minded listening?
  • Learn how to navigate significant differences?
  • Learn to transform unwanted conflicts into desired conflicts?
  • Learn to make collective decisions in a context of diversity?


For whom?

For anyone who feels responsible for more connection and wisdom resulting from consultations. Are you a board member, director, process facilitator or an advisor? Or do you guide clients in complex matters? And are you curious about how to unite diversity regarding complex issues in a (large) group of people? Then this is for you!


Frank Weijers

Your Curiosophy mentor for the day is Frank Weijers. Frank is a process expert who facilitates complex processes from a variety of inquiries, in various circumstances. These include (prolonged) intractable conflicts, culture change in organizations, the desire for democratic innovation, improving healthcare, handling teacher shortages, connecting management and staff, and shaping the desire for more sustainability. The common narrative throughout is: “It’s about the process, not the solution.”

Frank combines his knowledge and experience in process work and deep democracy with systemic work, transactional analysis, thought advising, and voice dialogue.




Please reach out via email when you’re interested in participating in this practice lab

van 9.30 – 17.00 uur

Frank Weijers

€ 495,- excl. VAT

vicinity of Utrecht


What others say


“Frank can explain complex theories in an accessible way. He masters neutrality, and can simultaneously fully embody his own voice and color. For me, Frank is a living example of speaking freely and listening openly.”

Anouk Moors, Mediator/trainer


“Frank deeply moved me, changed my way of thinking, longterm. About myself, about groups, about how decisions can be made in a beautiful, powerful process (so different from the usual linear, goal focused, fighting debates and/or boring meetings).”

Arno Schans, Team Development


‘Frank is an extremely talented and insightful coach. My work with Frank has genuinely transformed the effectiveness of my management practices, and has given me the tools be a more inspired leader.’

Andy Slavin, Director at Costa Verde International School


“As a facilitator, I see Frank as a great example, because he shows himself as a human being and dares to show his own vulnerabilities… That’s where real learning lies… and he sets a beautiful example. Those are qualities that I have seldom encountered in trainers.”

Linda Pieters, Coach, Trainer


“Frank is capable of simultaneously connecting with the group, and embodying the role of trainer in an incredible way. He ‘owns his rank’, maintains his neutrality, asks incisive questions, and provides clear tips and explanations. It’s a treat to attend his training.”

Pim Visser, eigenaar Effectieve Dialoog


Do you want to join?

Please reach out via email when you’re interested in participating in this practice lab


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