‘Not all who wander are lost’.


Those who know how to wander, will lead. Do you want to learn how to create space for better answers to breath? Join the Masterclass Curious Leadership, a unique two day programme to fuel your leadership with Suzanne Leclaire, founder of The Curiosophy Collective.


The average person will spend 90,000 hours, more than 11.000 days and 30 years at work over a lifetime. It’s safe to say your job can make a huge impact. But work is dominated by an ever growing current of problems.

Questions are often too complex to simply be ‘solved’. Leaders are having a hard time finding direction in complexity, shows worldwide survey amnong 1000 leaders worldwide. Sustainability, inclusion, polarisation, innovation; all sorts of matters that need something else than repetition of old thoughts. And the biggest pandemic is yet to come, according to the World Health Organisation. Burn-out, partly caused by complexity at work. It seems we have not touched the deeper cause of troubles yet.



But what if something is missing? Something subtle, hard to grasp, but powerful enough to turn the tide. That something that has all to do with our selves. With the way we allow our selves to think and sense. With our ability to question and listen. With that one hidden source in all of us: our curiosity.

For a long time, curiosity was viewed as one of those “soft” skills. An esoteric nice-to-have, listed pretty far down in a job- description. But what if the quality of the answers to complex questions is depending on the  questions we ask? And the way we wonder is key for the depth of our transitions? Being curious brings us beyond the obvious. So start fueling your leadership with inquisitiveness.


An act of leadership

The basis for creating a future different from our past is simple and profound. In the way we inter-act with our own assumptions, other opinions and different perspectives, lies the engine of our capacity to make forward movement. As our thinking is based on the questions we ask, changing our questions can dramatically change our results.

In this two-day masterclass, you will le4an the basics of becoming a master in leading in curiosity. Suzanne Leclaire takes you through the principals of the Curiosophy framework: a proven set of principles, sklills and methods to bring curiosity in action for the aim of your organisation.


After this two day program, you:

  • know how to lead your team and organisation through complexity
  • are able to bring your curiosity to practice
  • navigate through uncertainty by knowing how to ask (and listen)
  • understand the art of working with multiple perspectives and connecting people in difference.
  • are able to apply the postponing judgement and more
  • are aware of how to impactfully integrate art and sensitivity in business as usual



The Curiosophy framework

With a curious mindset comes a serious skillset. We work from a set of principles that enable you to make progress on complex issues in an inquisitive way. You will learn how to move through the unknown, break with limiting thinking patterns, approach complexity in collectivity and learn to find new answers by different questions.


Suzanne Leclaire

Suzanne Leclaire Curiosophy Living Lab

Foto credits: Dik Nikolai

Suzanne (1974) fuels curiosity in collectivity to facilitate change for good. In her life and work as a cultural scientist, (non-)executive director, leadership expert and executive coach, she developed a framework, called: CURIOSOPHY. A practical philosophy to accelerate change and grow leadership by activating the power of curiosity.

Starting as a young manager at the Dutch Ministry, Suzanne became fascinated by the mechanisms, that keep us from making the change we long for. In her work as a CEO, president of the Dutch Federation of Culture and member of the board of the national corporate lobby organization (MKB-NL), she started making change in complex dynamics by creating space for curiosity and dialogue.

As strategic consultant and leadership expert in the publ;ic and private sector, she created space to experiment new ways of accelerating change. She experimented for years in her innovative Cabinets of Curiosophy: public encounters in which she invited participants to move beyond obvious assumptions, presuppositions and judgments. With the power of questioning, arts and dialogue at its core.

In 2020, Suzanne founded The Curiosophy Collective. To reach more people with the Curiosophy framework during COVID-19. In The Curiosophy Collective change experts, dialogue specialists, artists, leadership coaches and systemic specialists are united. Together, they guide complex transitions, create curious encounters, coach executives and are well known for their impactful leadership programmes. All, from that one naturel source, that wil bring us further.

For an impression of their work, have a look here 


For whom?

Are you CEO, CFO, director, senior manaer or supervisor in the private or public sector? Or do you have your own company with a large diversity of people, clients and challenges to manage?  And are you intrigued by the idea of harnessing collective wisdom to address complex issues?
Then this two-day program is tailored just for you!

10th and 11th of April, 2025

9.00 – 5.00 PM

Central of the Netherlands

Course fee:

€1250,- (excluding dinner and hotel)

(Fee includes the course, lunch and coffee breaks on the two course days.




Are you interested?

Register via: mail@thecuriosophycollective.com



What people say


Mart Pfeiffer, CEO Rabobank Schiphol Region

‘Suzanne has a gift. She puts top managers in touch with their own wisdom, without becoming woolly.’


José van den Hurk, director Wherelant

‘I have never been more conscious of the significance of fostering an inquisitive attitude to establish genuine connections with one another. Equipped with these tools and skills, every interaction takes on greater depth and leads to more progress. I wholeheartedly recommend Suzanne’s inspiring masterclass to everyone.’


Joost Houben, Vice-President Customer Development Unilever

‘This impactful way of working taught us that ‘maximum acceleration’ is our pattern. And that slowing down at the right time around the right demand is necessary to accelerate.’


Peter Koudstaal, Manager Innovation Dutch Chambre of Commerce

‘Suzanne is one of the most creative persons, I have ever worked with. She guided the Chamber of Commerce and 20 partner organizations through the complex process of transition.’


Lotte Lammers, Manager C.

‘I want more!!! Super inspiring, these two days. With a fine balance between examples and practising myself. I genuinely like this method so much that I would like to do more with it and develop myself further.’


Sandor Arani, Senior Manager Tax Technology, KPMG Switzerland

‘I have done many many trainings and worked for the big four, but never experienced something like this. It helped me come closer to people. Of all the great content, I implemented 2/3 in practice.’


Karin Muller, Co-director Ashoka Netherlands

When Suzanne enter the room it lights up and peopl;e are exited for what she will bring to thetabel. She can see the bigger picture and know how to seize opportuntiies. It was a very inspiring and valuable learning experience!


Fred Wagemakers, Vice President Compliance Retail Bank

‘ I never want to go back to the old ‘corporate’ thinking. It’s like a new treasure keeps emerging from previously acquired wisdom from the same people in the same organization.’


Yolanda Melsert, Diplomat, Cultural Counselor Dutch Embassy in Germany

‘I taught a lot from Suzanne working with her in the board of the Dutch Federation of Culture. She is find you helping the righ direction.’


Reinhard Lanner, CDO Austrian National Tourist Office

‘Suzanne held a session in Munich. I explored a lot about my personal beliefs , preconceptions and that THOUGHT is a process we all should pay more attention to. Thanks for creating such a safe environment and good rhythm for one of the most moving events I ever attended!’


Ad Wijnhout, CEO AW Group

‘I realized for the first time that having a truthful conversation with people from completely different backgrounds, is real craftsmanship. Highly recommended for any company with the courage to really get a complex or sensitive topic moving together with stakeholders.’


Jacqueline Blaak, Manager Secundary Education

‘This two-day journey into the unknown with Suzanne results in gaining wisdom through embracing the unknown’


Mark Buytelaar, managing director BEE Finance & Insurance Group

‘Through the Curiosophy leadership program, I have learned to connect more deeply with myself and others and the big strategic questions we face.’


Petri Hofste, Member of the Supervisory Board Achmea, Rabobank, Kasbank, Pon

‘Highly recommended for complex, strategic issues.’


Rohan Uilings, Development Manager Rabobank (residential real estate)

‘Thanks to the Curiosophy Leadership Programme, I now have a more inclusive and open mind -and skillset. It taught me how to work in genuine dialogue, which led to new and better business.’


Moniqe Kuik, manager Verdiwel, Association for Directors and Administrators in Social Qork

‘I’m still impressed by what happened that day under Suzanne’s guidance. The other conversations. The deep connection. Really, how impactvol it was.’


Raymond Kerkvliet, Supervisor Hycom

‘During the Curiosophy leadership program, I felt and learned how to connect on a deeper level.’


Anastasios Pantos, Director, Strategy, Operations & Customer services at KPMG Greece

‘I loved the Practice Lab. This is an example of what we need. I changed my team because of it. I found a way of running the team. They are much more open now.’