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Are you aiming to gain a well-supported, new perspective with your board, employees, and stakeholders? Our Curiosophists guide you in a new direction, culture, or development of a strategic agenda, from which the intended change is fully supported. The dialogical process we design for your specific issue, enables all involved employees, customers or stakeholders to unlock their full potential. Each consulting process is a fully customized exploration journey.


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About us

Our team of Curiosophists is formed by independent professionals with a wide range of expertise in at least one of our principles. We operate from a humane approach, in which your organization’s explorative potential is paramount. Collectively, we bring a wealth of methods and skills in fundamental inquiry and creative intervention strategies. Our professionals have a passion for people and a proven track record in setting complex issues in motion.

Our approach

Every process begins with unraveling the primary question for which an answer is sought. With your consent, your organization temporarily transforms into a safe space in which ‘not-knowing’ is embraced. At the heart of the process we design, lies the integration of a wide variety of perspectives, dialogue and listening to the undercurrent. Our work is done once we have found a collective perspective on your core question, and those responsible have a mutual understanding of how to make this perspective reality.

Creative interventions

Throughout the process, we create effective interventions in relation to your key question. Operating as a collective, we tap into a range of specific philosophical, strategic, and creative wisdom. If necessary, we engage our co-creatives – creative professionals with unique qualities and experiences, that enable them to provide the target group with an experience in which the question is felt rather than reasoned. This allows us to guarantee a new perspective and creativity in the outcome.

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