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Are you aiming to gain a well-supported, fresh perspective with your board, employees, and stakeholders? Our Curiosophists assist you in charting a new course, fostering a culture, or developing a strategic agenda that ensures the intended change is fully supported. The dialogical process crafted for your specific issue empowers all involved employees, customers, or stakeholders to unlock their full potential. Each consulting process is a customized journey of exploration.

About us

Our team of Curiosophists are independent professionals, each with a diverse range of expertise aligned with one or more of our guiding principles. Grounded in a humane approach, we prioritize the investigative potential within your organization. Collectively, we bring a wealth of methods and skills related to fundamental questioning and creative intervention strategies. Our professionals are not only adept at navigating complex issues but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to people, with a proven track record of driving positive change.

Our approach

Each process commences with unraveling the key question for which a solution is sought. With your consent, your organization transforms into a temporary, secure space where the acceptance of ‘not-knowing’ is fostered. At the heart of our designed process is the integration of diverse perspectives, engaging in dialogue, and attuning to the underlying currents. Our work concludes when a collective perspective on the core question is reached, and those accountable share a mutual comprehension of how to translate this perspective into action.

Creative interventions

Throughout the process, we craft impactful interventions related to the core question. Operating as a collective, we tap into a spectrum of specialized philosophical, strategic, and creative insights. When needed, we engage our co-creatives—creative professionals with unique qualities and experience, capable of providing the target group with an experiential understanding of the issue rather than a purely rational one. This approach ensures a fresh perspective and creativity in the final outcome.

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