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We tend to externalize complex problems as a way to unconsciously simplify our lives and make our organizations more ‘manageable.’ Moreover, what we aim to change is frequently a symptom of an underlying cause. However, unless we recognize ourselves as part of the deeper problem, we won’t be part of the solution either. To truly progress on issues arising from problems we’ve caused ourselves, we must look beyond the surface.

To which end?

To make progress on matters related to inclusion, polarization, sustainability, and beyond, we must collectively seek fresh insights. Achieving this requires tapping into something within ourselves—something subtle, elusive, yet potent enough to shift the narrative: our curiosity. By learning to examine our assumptions and presuppositions, meaningful dialogues with others can unfold. This goes beyond mere self-righteousness, opening the door to new perspectives and actionable insights.


CURIOSOPHY is the applied philosophy of living and leading through inquiry. It provides a structure of vision, conversational styles, and skills to initiate complex questions, all rooted in your innate curiosity. We guide you into the practice of living and working based on inquiry, unlocking your curious mindset and guiding you to break free from familiar thought patterns. This process continues until new habits are formed, leading to the acquisition of fresh wisdom.

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“An enriching exchange of experiences that leads to unique insights into fundamental leadership questions. Highly recommended for complex, strategic issues.”

Petri Hofsté, commissary Rabobank, Achmea, KAS BANK, Fugro, PON, president Stichting Nyenrode