Floris Verbeij

Floris Verbeij

Curious about:
Effective ways to connect heart and head in the here and now


The question that moves you:
“How would you recognize the step forward? ” Creativity works backwards for me. By imagining yourself at the top of the mountain and finding your way back instead of facing it like a mountain.


The sentence of your life:
Just supposeā€¦


Working Method:
True transformation through deepened self-knowledge. Deep work with big smiles.


Various global leadership programs for multinationals, senior consultant at FranklinCovey, jazz pianist, teacher at the conservatories of Utrecht and Amsterdam, musical director for various performances at the Nationale Theater and composer for film and TV (a.o. Oogappels, Soof 3, Bram Fischer and Morten)


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085-620 4700 or mail@thecuriosophycollective.com