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Blog Multiple perspectives

Behind the scenes: working with multiple perspectives

Behind the scenes: working with multiple perspectives   COVID-19 has led to an increasingly prevalent voice towards our leaders to weigh other perspectives in their policy then the health considerations only. Not ever before the public call for integrating more perspectives was so loud. “How does that work? Decision-making from multiple perspectives?” Time for a…

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Blog Founding Partners Suzanne Leclaire en Ariane van Heijningen

The taste of Curiosophy

The taste of Curiosophy The past few months have shown us yet again that not-knowing is an inescapable part of our life. The world is not as pliable as many of us would like and reality cannot be controlled by calculations. Sounds rather negative, doesn’t it? We would like to invite you to look at…

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Update Suzanne Leclaire - Noteborn

We proudly present….

We proudly present….The Curiosophy Collective!   After a period of hard work in a (very) intelligent lockdown, today we proudly launch The Curiosophy Collective! In the turbulent time in which we find ourselves raises questions more than ever in ourselves and the organizations in which we work. The key to meaningful answers to complex questions…

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