Nynke Laverman

Curious about:
The mystery human


The question that moves you:
How was your day? Asked to a tree or a stone.


The purpose of your life:
To continue to see beauty, love and the power of vulnerability and make it palpable to others.


Working Method:
Making existential questions palpable through music and poetry in the form of intimate performances or large performances.


Nynke has 6 albums and eponymous theater productions to her name. She broke through with fado in Frisian, received several awards and gained international recognition with the album Alter in 2013. The many journeys she makes leave traces in her music. Especially her stay with a nomadic family in Mongolia made a deep impression. The way we (Westerners) relate to our surroundings has been the common thread in her work ever since, with her latest album Plant as a provisional highlight.


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Would you like to get in touch with Nynke?
call 085-620 4700, or mail mail@thecuriosophycollective.com