‘What now?’ A joint quest

The Cabinet of Curiosophy, December 17, 2021


On December 17, we will look for the question ‘What now?’

The year 2021 is approaching its end. Many questions will accompany the new year. Based on a musical narration by Shervin Nekuee, we explore how to deal with our desire for answers. In a collective quest. Shervin was nineteen when he arrived in the Netherlands. Shervinis sociologist, publicist, program maker and advisor on diversity and inclusion at the Ministry of Social Affairs. He left his homeland at the age of 19 because he refused to join the Iran-Iraq war. He took the power of storytelling and shares the language of mysticism to give meaning to the challenges of our time.

With a variation on “The Conference of the Birds” he takes us into a different perspective on how to deal with a question like ‘What now?’ Written by Farideddin Attar, a 12th century Persian mystic, Attar centers on a flock of birds in times of chaos and darkness who decide that a king is needed, thus beginning their quest for the king (Simorgh) They visit seven valleys.After making heavy sacrifices, doubting and exhausted, they give up the search.What happens then…


Date: December 17, 2021
Walk-in: 13.15 – 13.30
Start: 1.30 pm
Completion: 5 p.m.

Story: Shervin Nekuee
Persian voice and lute: Balout Khazraei
Quest: Paul Bos
Discussion guided by: Suzanne Leclaire


€95,- excl. VAT

Fort Farm Dijkzicht, Aalsmeerderbrug 463, Aalsmeerderbrug

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“The belly of the whale” is a metaphor for a moment in a human life or in the history of society, when you don’t know anymore. And also that you dare to admit that you don’t know anymore. That’s where magic happens The moment when you surrender yourself and say: ‘I don’t remember.’ There is room for something to reveal itself inside.” – Shervin Nekuee in Ask it Forward #23


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Participants about the previous edition of The Cabinet of Curiosophy:


‘The continued amazement, the great diversity of people, the striking interventions and the beautiful dialogue, made a deep impression on me. The question continues, I’m not done with it yet.’


“Everything was out of routine. Just like on vacation. This opened all the hatches.”


“A kind of home group arose without knowing each other.”


“I am always there for my patients, but here I went for myself. I came out of the operating room with light and focus, into an almost pitch dark room where someone was giving love.”