Agnes van der Sluijs


Curious about:
The deeper question. What it means. The stories connected to it. When you uncover it, you get to what makes us human and brings us together.


The question that moves you:
What is your purpose on Earth?


The sentence of your life:
Treat others as you want to be treated—this universal principle guides us in seeking common ground. The pursuit of a better life for everyone is a fundamental value I hold dear.

Working Method: 
Consciously taking a step back to gather insights and perspectives for thoughtful action through dialogue.


Being a historian, my training revolves around uncovering connections and simplifying complex issues. In 2002, I completed my graduation thesis focusing on the history of modern anti-Semitism. Following my studies, I ventured into consultancy, training, and coaching, specifically in the realm of diversity and inclusion for both youth and professionals. Additionally, I initiated social projects centered on meaning and significance. I integrate diverse dialogue methods, systemic work, corporate anthropology, and appreciative inquiry in my work. Through my company, Dialogue Matters, I design and facilitate dialogues and creative, active meeting projects. I also conduct training sessions to empower individuals to apply these techniques in their own contexts.


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