Andre Heuvelman

Andre Heuvelman

Curious about:
The inner artist in everyone. What special thing is in each person that lets them step onto their own stage and contribute to a world where we can truly connect?

The question that moves you:
What deep desire resides within you?

Working Method:
I help high-performance professionals tap into their creative potential, making them more mentally agile and resourceful. This allows them to adapt to change, leverage their skills, and work effectively in today’s uncertain world. In a rapidly changing environment, flexible organizations and adaptable employees are crucial for strength and sustainability.

My guiding principle is “Holding space for change.” What space do you create for change and inhabit for those around you?

I link people through music, fostering connections with each other and themselves. The trumpet is just a tool for this purpose. My message is straightforward: “What enduring quality within yourself can you always count on? What is your ‘trumpet’?”

I’m a performer, motivator, creative consultant, and innovator. Additionally, I serve as a keynote speaker, emphasizing keywords like connection, resilience, passion, and perseverance to motivate, connect, and inspire.

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