Curious Encounter


Convince, debate, and discuss. We all tend to believe that we have to know better, but in this unanimous agreement, we often overlook a subtle yet profoundly vital attribute: our inquisitive nature. So, what exactly comprises this inquisitive essence within us? And why is it imperative that we rekindle and harness this natural talent for inquiry in our lives and organizations?

In this Curiosophy College, Suzanne Leclaire, MA—a cultural scientist, director supervisor, and the visionary behind The Curiosophy Collective—invites your team or audience on a captivating journey into the realm of inquiry-based living and leadership. It’s time to rediscover this invaluable trait within us and reintegrate it into our personal and professional lives. For those unacquainted with the concept, it’s time to embrace the beauty of being comfortable with the unknown.


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