Frank Weijers

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Curious about:
How do we find, again and again, a good balance in the polarity we – me, in a society where there is far too much emphasis on me.


The question that moves you:
How do we find connection in all our differences and put that into action so that our children, grandchildren and also their children’s have an attractive future.


The purpose of your life:
Contributing to everyone having a full place (in the world, in an organization) and seeing it as a common task to let everyone occupy that place to the fullest.


Working method:
The foundation of my work is woven from the principles and associated methodologies of process work and Deep Democracy, inspired by the contributions of Arnold Mindell. How do individuals interact within (larger) groups in a manner that allows every voice to be expressed and acknowledged? In navigating conflicts, how can we actively participate in a connected way, leveraging our differences optimally and with satisfaction? What strategies enable us to collaboratively make genuinely inclusive decisions, ensuring that both majority and minority voices are accorded due consideration?



I am a process expert. I combine my knowledge and experience in the fields of Processwork and Deep Democracy with systemic work, TA, thought consulting and Voice Dialogue. I facilitate complex processes from various questions and in various circumstances. These include (long-term) persistent conflicts, culture change in organizations, the desire for democratic renewal, how to achieve better health care, dealing with teacher shortages, connecting staff and work floor, shaping the desire for greater sustainability, etc. The common thread is always: “It’s about the process, not the solution”. I work as a freelancer with my own company Spelen met ruimte (Playing with Space) and am associated with Human Dimensions as an associate partner – and am happy to be associated with The Curiosophy Collective.


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