The Curiosophy College


Persuading, debating and discussing; in our relentless pursuit of knowledge, we often overlook that one subtle yet crucial trait because we want to be right: our inquisitive nature. But what does this innate curiosity within us entail? And why is it imperative that we learn to harness our inquisitive talent in both our personal lives and organizations once again?

In The Curiosophy College, Suzanne Leclaire MA – cultural scientist, facilitator to executives and founder of The Curiosophy Collective – curiously embarks on a journey with your team or audience, into the practice of inquiry-based living and leadership. Not knowing gives you endless possibilities to discover! / Those who don’t know are ahead of the game!


You can choose from two variations of the college:

The Curiosophy College (1 hour 30 minutes)

In a unique, interactive session, Suzanne guides your audience, employees or stakeholders through the power of living inquiry. Together, we craft the theme you want to focus on. Through stimulating exercises, the participants will be surprised and confronted with unconscious, obstructive patterns in their daily thoughts and actions. Suzanne will move the audience – gently, sometimes directly – toward new strategies to break these patterns. Those who hold back their questions, risk being overlooked.

The Curiosophy College + (3 hours 30 minutes)

Following an interactive, collective session, participants embark on a live inquiry into a question that resonates with the group. Under Suzanne’s guidance, attendees explore the principles of living inquiry. After that, it’s up to them! By fully expressing themselves through their own curiosity, your employees, stakeholders or audience will help each other in transitioning from old thought patterns to a new action perspective. An art intervention can be included (optional).

About Suzanne Leclaire MA

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Suzanne (49) is a cultural scientist, executive coach, public speaker, and facilitator of sustainable transitions. In 2013, she stepped back from her role as a senior manager and director in the cultural sector, in which she guided numerous organizations through impactful changes within complex dynamics.

Over the past decade, Suzanne has been conducting ‘living inquiry,’ exploring the mechanisms that often stop humans from acting upon the change they desire. She conducts this research in the various assignments she has undertaken, as well as in the ‘Cabinets of Curiosophy’; curious encounters she has been orchestrating both domestically and internationally since 2015. The insights, structures, and skills she acquired through these experiences, together with others, form the foundation of what she terms Curiosophy.

In 2020, Suzanne established The Curiosophy Collective and introduced the widely acclaimed podcast, Ask it Forward – with and for leaders and impact makers from a diversity of fields, united by a common question.