Wrap Up

Would you like to close your conference or event with a powerful chord, a wordless summary or a dance that captures the essence? Book one of our Curiosophists for a memorable finale!

Spoken Dance by Peter Rombouts


Peter Rombouts, a change expert and triple world champion in Argentine Tango, brings the essence of your day to life through his dance. He is present throughout the event. As an unusual suspect among the audience. Deeply listening and watching the interaction on stage and in the room. Sensing what is happening in the upper and lower streams in the audience. Throughout the program, he crafts a Spoken Word, capturing the day’s narrative in a rakish and poetic manner. As the event concludes, Peter emerges from the audience to deliver a tailored Spoken Word, followed by a dance that powerfully encapsulates the day’s essence.

The essence drawn by Laura Mentink


Laura Mentink, a stage actor and draughtsman, illustrates situations, processes, and figures as a means to remember, clarify, record, and sometimes simply because certain moments, individuals, or objects evoke a response. As an artist, she reflects on events from both a distant and intimate perspective.

Through her texts, observations, drawings, and inquiries, she illuminates the essence or captures what might have been overlooked. In contrast to conventional cartoon drawing, the audience receives a genuine work of art at the conclusion, enriched by her unique blend of storytelling and visual expression.

Spoken Word by Justin Samgar


Justin Samgar is a pioneer in spoken word. Since 2010, he has crafted and presented texts for esteemed clients such as Red Bull, Hunkemöller, Honig, Microsoft, 3FM, ABN/AMRO, Corona, Moët & Chandon, and numerous others. Justin embodies profundity, transdisciplinarity, and a cross-border approach. During your conference, Justin perceives what is happening on multiple layers. He watches and listens to the day’s proceedings, seamlessly occupying the roles of both an inside participant and an external observer. Immersing himself in the community of the day, he views it from both within and without, thereby connecting the inner and outer worlds and ascribing meaningful interpretations to the proceedings.

The undercurrent by Andre Heuvelman


Andre Heuvelman As solo trumpeter of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Andre managed to reach the world’s top as a trumpeter. His infectious vulnerability, quality and perseverance resound in his musical performance. Time and again, he invites his audience to step onto their own stage. Andre brings forth new sounds in your event, graciously reflecting and returning what he hears. He sets the tone with the audience at the beginning of your event, and closes with a musical wrap up to give back the essence in music. This unique musical journey creates a distinctive auditory tapestry, marking the imprint of the day’s experiences. If you desire to commence and conclude your event with a meaningful tone, Andre is the ideal choice.