Are you joining the exploration into the compelling questions and pressing issues of today and tomorrow?

Do you want to be inspired by unusual encounters with other inquisitive people? To get to know people from different walks of life? To be together in dialogue regarding issues that affect us all? Become a member of our collective!

For € 100 per month you get access to:

The Quest

The Quest

A personal investigation upon entry into our collective into the question that compels you. This way you experience that contributing to collective inquiry begins with the willingness to investigate your own question.

A unique, impactful network

Curiosophers are inquisitive spirits who wish to share their wisdom for the sake of great common challenges. Access to our collective requires an open, inquisitive attitude and a genuine interest in the other and issues of our time.

The Cabinet of Curiosophy

The Cabinet of Curiosophy 

The core of our Membership consists of four inquisitive encounters per year, in which we investigate an important and wide reaching issue in a curiosophical manner. It is the way in which we conduct this research that differentiates us from any other platform, institution or network.

Curious Minds

Curious Minds 

A series of online encounters with national and international experts in the field of curiosity. In an online meeting you are given the space to freely ask questions about curiosity in life and leadership.




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The Cabinet of Curiosophy

A Taste of Curiosophy 

A series of online encounters, in which the professionals from our cast (Curiosophists) introduce you to their crafts and knowledge about a specific aspect within one of the three pillars of our collective.

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Curious Encounters 

As a Member, we will connect you with an unknown other for an inquisitive encounter. You can make use of a guiding hand at a distance (Curiosophy discussion guide) or jump in at the deep end together.

The Curiosopher 

As a Member, you have full access to all the articles, videos, interviews and research contained in our news letter; The Curiosopher.

Leadership program

Curiosophy Leadership Program 

As a Member you get a 10% discount on this unique leadership program.

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Podcast pre-listening 

As a Member you will regularly receive our podcast Ask it Forward alongside background information and pre-listenings for Ask it Forward as well as Behind Closed Doors.


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If I become a Member, what will be expected of me?

As a Member, you contribute your wisdom and experience to our inspiring investigations into the questions that demand our attention. Members are inquisitive people with a will to develop themselves, others and society. You appreciate being challenged and are open to encountering those who think and feel differently than yourself. In the core you are willing to (learn to) suspend judgement. You are eager to attend the four annual live events and online, you choose what suits you.

Can my organization pay for the Membership? How can I best tackle this?

Membership can be funded on a private basis, but is usually handled by your organisation. As an enterprise, we fall in between the existing legal definitions, but we do invoice with VAT. Due to our innovative nature, organisations regularly ask us under what type of cost label to book us. The most commonly used cost labels are: education, leadership training, relationship management and membership network.

Do you offer special rates for the less wealthy?

We attach great importance to diversity within our network. For the simple reason that there can only be great collective wisdom in uniting a great diversity of perspectives. To be able to admit less wealthy curious minds, we work with sponsored Memberships. Think of impactful artists, youths or newly Dutch people. Find out here how you can contribute yourself or with your company.