Curiosophy Society is a catalytic platform for impact makers, movers and shakers, committed to positive societal change

In our membership platform we connect curious business leaders, investors, creatives, philosophers, policy-makers and artists to deep-dive into complex matters of our time. In highly inspiring surroundings we survey and influence fundamental issues in a curiosophic way. Are you in for a curious adventure with positive impact?

Diversity is our premise

Members of Curiosophy Society are open minded and care about society as a whole. They come from different backgrounds and nationalities. They are impactful by nature and work in governments, businesses and networks in all sorts of industries. Being a member of the Curiosophy Society means access to intelligent people, who believe in the power of questioning, sensitivity and dialogue. As diversity is our premise, we prevent old-boys or young-girls network patterns. We celebrate different perspectives as a fundament for collective change.

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Because of COVID-19, we launch our next series of events in 2021. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming member. Or register for our curiosophic gatherings with one click on the button below.