Curiosophy Leadership Program


Do you want to increase the impact of your leadership?


The Curiosophy Leadership Program is a unique journey for leaders in all sectors, who want to increase their impact through the attitudes and qualities that are central to investigative leadership. During five days in five months, you develop your potential as an investigative leader. After completing this unique program you will:

  • know how to increase your impact as a director, manager, entrepreneur or supervisor
  • be able to work with questions as a basis for development
  • know how to adjust flexibly to a rapidly changing world
  • understand how to fully utilize the wisdom of your team, commissioners or stakeholders
  • be capable of intervening effectively based on what you feel and perceive
  • be able to apply the basic principles of dialogue in adjustment and decision making
  • understand how to realize collective perspective on issues

Jan-June 2022

2022: Jan 21, Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 22 and Jun 10

Can be planned separately: intake, interim dialogue and final interview

Maximum 10

Central Netherlands (Abcoude area)

The program

  • has an investigative, multidisciplinary approach
  • focuses on learning through experience and investigation
  • distinguished by a holistic approach

The principles

The philosophy of investigative leadership is based on three fundamental qualities by which investigative leaders differentiate themselves. Inquisitive capacity, smart sensitivity and dialogical ability. For more information, see the three Curiosophy pillars. This program aims to improve your attitude and skills with regards to these three qualities.


The tutors

The program is formed by five experienced professionals from The Curiosophy Collective cast. We begin the day by meeting the founder and heart of investigative leadership, Suzanne Leclaire. Afterwards we will broaden and deepen your inquisitive capacity, smart sensitivity and dialogical ability with a tour of Paul Bos, Ariane van Heijningen, Peter Rombouts and Ingrid Geerts.

From a diverse palette of perspectives, including leadership development, practical philosophy and systemic work. We work with specially designed interventions to experience investigative leadership in the here and now. We all have extensive experience in guiding executives and their teams and are familiar with the moral dilemmas, the ‘burning matters’ and the issues of responsibility that managers, directors and supervisors have to deal with. During the five days, we will organize a dialogue with one or more inspiring leaders who exhibit a most investigative leadership style. You will discover who these are along the way.

Would you like to know more about the people who will guide you in your journey to investigative leadership? Click on the photos below:

Program structure

The program consists of five days in five months, during which participants acquire the fundamental attitudes and skills of investigative leadership. During and between these days we work to deepen and strengthen your leadership. The modules take place in various, suitable locations within The Netherlands. The group consists of a maximum of ten people and will comply with the corona measures in force.

What does it lead to?

The result of the entire program will be that you know what it means to lead yourself and others with an inquisitive attitude. You will learn to focus on what is essential about the issues that cross your path and to utilize the potential thereof and that of others in a targeted manner to set a proper course for your organization. This will teach you to focus your attention where you are most effective, which will increase your impact.


It’s possible! We also develop leadership programs tailored to your organization. We tune our philosophy to the needs of your directorate, management or commissary. For example there may be a desire for a more connected leadership culture, or to learn to lead with a more dialogical attitude. In our design we emphasise what is sought. Locations and duration of the program vary.

Who is it for?

This program has been developed for people with a considerable amount of experience as a director, DGA, executive, supervisor or other position of (ultimate) responsibility, in which you have to deal with rapidly changing circumstances and issues of considerable complexity. We categorically look for differences between participants, both in disciplines and background. In this way we maximise the learning of the group.

What does it cost?

You can participate in this 5-day in the following ways:

Participation with Membership

As a member, you can follow the Curiosophy Leadership Program for an amount of € 2,975 euros ex. BTW. During and after the five days you will delve further into what has been learned in our community through, amongst other things; participation in investigative meetings, the opportunity to play an active role in our programming, continuous contact with the Curiosophists you meet in the five-day and regular online and offline sessions and mailings with inspirational content.

Participation without Membership

For an amount of € 3,250 euros ex. BTW, you can follow the Curiosophy Leadership Program and fully experience our program. If you decide to become a Member in advance or during the five months, you will still receive the discount on the program and pay € 4,175 for the program and a year-long Membership worth € 1,200. See here what Membership means.

Are you interested in participating?